I’m Elaine Scarlett… and this site is all about my encaustic art.

Born within the sound of the Bow Bells in the East End of London, I moved to Surrey at 3-years old with my family – I’m the youngest of four girls. It wasn’t until 2009 that I moved to the West Sussex countryside where I now create my art. I have two beautiful daughters and four grandchildren.

My travels have taken me to many different parts of the world giving me privileged views of some stunning scenery. I have visited the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, the Bahamas, Canada, USA, Peru, Egypt, Turkey, France, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Hungry, Romania and Bulgaria.


So, lots of influences to draw on in my life!

All my art is produced following meditation and is channelled from the heart-centre. I aim to create the space that you need to replenish your energies with love and open vision. Listening to music while making my art is a big influence on what I produce, as well as being in touch with nature which nourishes the soul – giving my art energy and movement. With my imagination for fantasy worlds and the abstract, vibrant colours blending together make unusual and quirky scenery.

In my world, you don’t need eyes that see – you need vision!